Web Map Services

The OPENGIS® Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) provides a simple http interface for requesting geo-registered map images from one or more distributed geospatial databases.

A WMS request defines the geographic layer(s) and area of interest to be processed.

The response to the request is one or more geo-registered map images (returned as jpeg, png, etc) that can be displayed in a browser application (open geospatial consortium).

EOSIAL Lab. WMS:  eosial.psm.uniroma1.it:8081/geoserver/sbam/wms?

EOSIAL Lab. Catalogue

  • Africover. Kenya

  • Tea Fields - 2013

  • Forests Kenya

  • SBAM Areas of Interest

  • Campaign 2015 :

    • Crop recognition

    • Leaf Area Index (LAI) measurements

    • Chlorophyll measurements

  • Satellite Image datasets

External WMS:

Meteosat Second Generation - SEVIRI imagery (available in Near Real Time)
ftp:\\catalogue.psm.uniroma1.it (request username & password to SBAM Project Manager)
ZIP Files containing: 
* Radiances.               Channels 01 to 11 (MSG_KEN_YYYYMMDDHHmm_RAD_CH##.tif)
* Reflectances.            Channels 01 to 03 (MSG_KEN_YYYYMMDDHHmm_REF_CH##.tif)
* Brightness Temperatures. Channels 04 to 11 (MSG_KEN_YYYYMMDDHHmm_BRT_CH##.tif)
in Geotiff format (out of ROI: -99999)
HHmm in UTC Time